LIPSOI was born with the core value of "eternal youthfulness"

With the core value of "eternal youthfulness" in mind, we have been putting effort into utilizing premium natural ingredients

and blending techniques to showcase the timelessness and preciousness of the skin.

We guarantee the skills of artisans who incorporate the essence of time into their craft,

rather than relying on flashy commercial products. 

Beyond skincare, we continuously explore culture, art, and sustainable values.

From nature to science - art -  universe,

the icon of "eternal youthfulness" transcends time and tells a story that began in Korea,

connecting people around the world.

A memorable and transparent LIPSOI,

Do you have a memorable sense of purity?

While traveling by ship from Athens to Turkey,

passing through many islands in the Aegean Sea.

LIPSOI Island, where one can feel countless inspiration and ideas.

The crystal clear waters and the wind blowing through the white sands,

the breathtaking nature of the mountains still vividly visible.

The island was a perfect reflection of the values that LIPSOI sought to pursue.

That place that will remain unchanged for 100, 1000 years,

LIPSOI, which embraces all of nature.

The pristine cleanliness that remains vivid in your memory,

that's LIPSOI.


CEO. Sonya (Soyeon Yu)

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